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Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are a highly effective form of advertising. They can be used either indoors or outside, and are cost effective and proficient in displaying brand messages. Channel letters are three dimensional independently made letters or figures. They can be put on walls or any other type of construction and used either illuminated or non-illuminated. With this product, you are guaranteed that the sign you create is hard wearing and will have longevity.
Different Types of Channel Letters

There are three kinds of letters. The standard letter type is extremely popular and is produced using a U channel foundation with painted Plexiglas. Reversed letters are made with metal faces and a clear plastic back. When these are assembled, they do not touch the surface of the wall. This design gives a fantastic light effect at night that is like no other neon lighting display. The third kind of channel letter is one with an open face. The reason why they are described as open is that the neon is not covered up and can be seen.  Another option for a business owner to consider is whether to buy LED Channel Letters or a Neon Sign.
Why Channel Letters

People love these signs because they are easy to install, have low maintenance needs and are energy efficient. As a method of advertising a business, there is nothing that comes close, and with lots of discount deals around they are cheaper than you think.  Channel letter signs can also help a business establish their Brand.
Are channel letter signs easy to install?

This can be done separately, or by using a raceway. Signs mounted using raceways are cheaper and faster to fit because every letter is separated and then placed on the raceway in the factory. With this method, only the raceway is fixed to the wall. To mount letters individually is more time consuming and cannot be done in the factory. This makes individual channel letter signs more expensive than raceway mounted, but with a nicer overall effect.