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What Are Cabinet Signs and How Can They Help Your Business?

Some retailers refer to them as light box signs. Essentially, they offer you an opportunity to have a perfectly visible sign during daylight hours that then lights up to remain legible during the dark hours of the night.

Even businesses that operate only during the morning and afternoon hours choose this type of signage when possible. The signs of breakfast restaurants, doctor’s offices and banks remain clearly visible even when rain clouds and fog darken the cityscape. Since you control when the light turns on, you save money on electricity for those days that you do not require a lit sign. Other money-savers are cabinet LED signs.

There are a number of attractive cabinet signs that you can order for your business today.
Types of Cabinet Signs

Customized Signs with Digital Print. 
hese signs cater to the business with a special logo. Have your sign made in the shape of your logo to reinforce branding of your business.

Pan-Face Monument Cabinet Signs.
With the durable monument mount, you have the perfect location for your cabinet sign. Think of the sign as a baking pan that you attach to the monument. Lit up, it provides added security as well as easy recognition from far away.

Pan-Face Board with Changeable Letters.
A favorite for schools, churches and businesses with changing inventories or menus, these signs frequently also feature witty sayings and holiday greetings.

Form-Face Sign. 
hoose an attractive geometric shape and contact the experts at Apex Signs & Graphics to imprint it with your message. This could be simply the name of your business, a longer message, a telephone number or a logo. When it is dark, this brightly lit sign serves as a beacon for would-be customers and clients from far away.
Attract More Customers!

The wide variety of available cabinet signs makes it clear that they are not just popular but also highly effective. In fact, they can easily help your business attract more customers or clients!

1. Easily Legible.
Signage experts at the International Sign Association (ISA) suggest that when cars drive at about 30 miles per hour on the street where your business is located, your sign should be legible from a distance of about 155 feet. When speeds are between 45 and 50 miles per hour, increase this visibility to 185 feet. If you are next to a highway where the speed limit may higher than 65 miles per hour, you need an additional 100 feet of visibility. Cabinet signs offer this high level of visibility.

2. Multiple Placement Options.
It is more difficult for passing motorists to read a sign that is attached to the building in a manner that keeps it parallel to the street. If this is your preferred locale for signage, you need to increase its size by about 70 percent. Customized cabinet signs are perfect since you can request a larger size. In addition, you can add a smaller sign to a monument post that keeps it perpendicular to the road.

3. Pan face cabinet signs
The experts note that letters must be of sufficient height so that motorists can easily see them. For every 25 feet, the experts suggest that you add an inch the size of the letters. When you use changeable letters, be sure to get a sufficient supply in your target sizes.